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Mary and I have some time and loves to meet all aspects of sex. We have meetings and 3some 4some but last week we decided to organize a run fixed. We talked for a number of guys in the place and made ​​an appointment at 5 All of them came (what a surprise ) and Mary explained that she wanted to have fun and screw them all, but the end has to be that all trying to shoot his load on her breasts at the same time all we have left and Mary staretd two guys masturbating while sucking a third. cuntcore I and the other two were playing together, when Mary said, would be first. He knelt on the bed and Roger joined his puppy. rode well and removed before shooting. He said it was a close call during the next half hour we all give a shit sometimes with Mary at the top. Then he gave the order. Ok guys, they said, want to start your load now to masturbate There were six of us rubbing with different speeds. I said I was ready, but refrained. One cuntcore by one of us, said, OK, and Mary was on the floor and knelt on it. Was from 10 to zero and shot four of us, closely followed by the fifth. The sixth man masturbates cuntcore hard and complaining about a minute after the rest of us, he exploded. They together produced more milk cuntcore than the rest of us. He kept on spraying. at the end Mraia was covered and left for the showers. We all cleaned up and the 5 boys left one after another discrete The heavy Cummer said Alan, and about 15 minutes later someone knocked at the door and there was wondering if he has that Mary said it was fine and he sat on the bed and told him how much she enjoyed n Then he looked at the two and asked Maria if she could take. I am a repeater and I like to ride MEHE said minutes later I was astride him and took about 5 minutes when Alan left a huge groan cluched be Mary. His body shook, and Mary says wow you have a repeater I can feel myself filling, thanked us. Washed and left cum dripping Maria for about 20 minutes We have done what was expected and I never want to do
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